STAR Search and STAR Awards

A History of the STAR Awards Program

The Beverly Foundation began its trademark STAR Awards program in 2000. From 2000 until 2003 it was a partnership between the Beverly Foundation and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Beginning in 2004, the STAR Awards Program was organized and funded by the Beverly Foundation.

STAR Awards winners are identified from STAR Search survey submissions by organizations and groups throughout the country. The surveys have produced considerable data on more than 1,300 STPs (Supplemental Transportation Programs for seniors). Each STPs is included in a database with information on its history, location, organization, services, finances, and risk management practices. In addition to program and service information for each entry in the database, program reviews and case studies are available for many of the winners of STAR Awards.


2014 Star Awards

The 2014 STAR awards application is now closed.


A printable copy of the application for reference is available here: 2014 STAR Print Version



2013 Star Awards

Click here for the 2013 STAR Award Guidelines

2012 STAR Awards Announced!

Click here for the 2012 STAR Search Report

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2011 STAR Awards Announced!

$180,000 in Awards to 19 organizations
Click here for the STAR Search report
Click here for the STAR Awards report

2010 STAR Awards Announced!

$150,000 in awards to 19 organizations
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2009 STAR Awards Announced!

$150,000 in awards to 21 organizations
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2008 STAR Awards Announced!

$50,000 in awards to 7 organizations
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2007 STAR Awards Announced!

$15,000 Award to 10 Faith in Action senior transportation programs
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2006 STAR Awards Announced!

$20,000 Awards to 13 senior transportation programs in California
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2005 STAR Awards

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2004 STAR Awards Report

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At the end of 2010, 96 STAR Awards had been conveyed to 91 STPs (Supplemental Transportation Programs for seniors) representing 37 states and Puerto Rico.


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